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Why are F&I managers afraid of the phone?

Tommy Ady, Founder — The WriteBack
August 12, 2015

If it wasn’t already obvious to you by now, I am a fan of money. In fact, my love of money has inspired all of my sales and presentation strategies. And every one of them also insures that I can prevent losing my money whenever possible. I’m referring to abiding by government regulations. They’re... Read more »

The bounty in absorption

Mark Mooney, Principal, Mark Mooney Powersports Consultants
July 30, 2015

“Potential has a shelf life” — Margaret Atwood I flip television channels often (son of a gun, there are a lot of them!) and I seem to be landing on a lot of paper towel commercials. “Absorbs more, and picks up what others don’t” seems to be the common message. You know, paper towels really... Read more »

The anatomy of an effective job description

Forrest Flinn, Managing Partner and Chief Visionary — Powersports Management Concepts
July 22, 2015

Good employee job descriptions can be a strategic, competitive advantage for your dealership. Bad job descriptions can cause internal turmoil and dealership disruption. Typically most of your staff wants to know how to contribute to the dealership and what is expected of them. They also want to how they... Read more »

Closing starts with hello

Leslie Prevish, Founder — Prevish Marketing
July 21, 2015

First impressions make it — or break it. You won’t close a sale unless you start the conversation the right way. Everyone remembers the line in the movie Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise tells his love, “You had me at hello.” Female viewers sighed a collective “aaaahh” and smiled knowingly. Recently,... Read more »

Preparing for the price question

Steve Lemco, Author — "Training and Hiring New Salespeople"
July 9, 2015

There are two things that salespeople can pretty much count on hearing from customers. They will say, “Just looking,” when greeted and soon after they will ask the price of a particular motorcycle. Many times when this happens to me, five minutes later I am sitting down with the customer filling... Read more »

How are you selling F&I?

Tommy Ady, Founder — The WriteBack
July 8, 2015

How many phone and Internet customers are you closing on protection products? Think about it. You currently know what your ratios are (right?), but what if you single out the phone and Internet buyers? Exclude the walk-ins, be-backs, referrals and service customers. Now if you’re like most everyone... Read more »

Cause and effect: What’s in your wallet?

Mark Mooney, Mark Mooney Powersports Consultants
July 7, 2015

Take away the cause, and the effect ceases-Miguel de Cervantes Scratching your noggin staying up at night wondering why certain aspects of your business aren’t performing? Cause and effect dictate what that performance is and what it isn’t. This should not come as a great surprise to anyone. A business’s... Read more »

Why employees steal and ways to prevent it

Forrest Flinn, Managing Partner and Chief Visionary — Powersports Management Concepts
June 25, 2015

I know you don’t want to talk about employee theft, fraud or embezzlement. It is an uncomfortable topic to discuss or think about. Some know it’s happening right under their noses in the dealership and try to detect and prevent it. And then there are others that bury their heads in the sand and live... Read more »

Getting toddlers on two wheels

Leslie Prevish, Founder — Prevish Marketing
June 16, 2015

Ten months old. How many kids fall in love with two wheels that young? Not many, but imagine if they did? I met little Brently at a Strider race. His (smart) parents put a balance bike under him as soon as he was walking. At 18 months, he was whizzing around cones and making motorcycle noises. Hmmm,... Read more »

Disneyland and dealerships

Tommy Ady, Founder — The WriteBack
June 10, 2015

What does that have to do with what I've got to talk about? Attitudes and process. Some stores that I work with are just like going to Disneyland and then with a few — you wonder how they can get their shoes tied. Some stores just try harder than others. It's that time of the year when dealers start... Read more »

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