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How to leverage 20-group membership

Forrest Flinn, Managing Partner and Chief Visionary — Powersports Management Concepts
February 11, 2016

So you have decided to start thinking of joining a 20-group in the powersports industry? Joining a 20-group in the powersports market can be one of the biggest and best decisions that you can make regarding your dealership. Full participation in such groups can take your dealership to new levels of profitability... Read more »

Social media marketing is not a mobile strategy

Ron Cariker, Owner and president — 7 Media Group
February 10, 2016

For close to a decade now social media has been a force to reckon with in the world of advertising and marketing. Companies have devoted enormous resources in terms of time, staff, budget and more to crack that code of success in an ever-changing world online. Unfortunately, many dealerships have fallen... Read more »

Are you missing out on sales? Check your email database.

Kim Rocco, Director of Marketing — DX1
February 8, 2016

Chances are, you have a website or CRM database that captures and stores customer email addresses for your dealership. You may also have a newsletter solution that collects subscriber email addresses. But, beyond working the initial lead or collecting a new email subscriber, what are you doing with your... Read more »

Pump up your PPC performance with link extensions

Colleen Malloy , Director of Marketing— ARI
February 4, 2016

Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns are great for sharing your dealership’s promotions, but squeezing all the details within the character limit can be a trick. A well-written ad can do wonders on its own (check out this post on the ARI blog for some ad writing tips!) but you can optimize your ads even further... Read more »

How powersports dealerships can create a winning Facebook strategy

Matthew Brown, CEO — That's Us Technologies, Inc.
February 3, 2016

Does your Powersports Dealership have a Facebook strategy? This post will cover how your dealership can implement a winning Facebook strategy. Having a Facebook strategy is a no brainer for any powersports dealership, but knowing how to use it and what results to expect are not as intuitive. Facebook... Read more »

Flip, Click, Bang, Repeat.

Chris Clovis, Vice President — EagleRider Motorcycles
February 2, 2016

I have a secret. A personal conflict, at odds with everything I stand for. This confession will shock and appall those who know me: I hate exercise. Seriously, I hate it. You heard right: A Certified Personal Trainer and dedicated, hard-core ‘Gym Rat’… doesn’t like to exercise. How is this duplicity... Read more »

Quit looking at your phone at shows!

Liz Keener, Managing Editor — Powersports Business
January 27, 2016

After learning that a few local powersports dealers would be at the Minneapolis Boat Show displaying their PWC and boat lines this past weekend, Dave and I thought it would be prudent for us to stop by, see the displays and say hi to the local powersports crowd. As we wandered the show, checking out... Read more »

How to increase supplier margins

Gary Gustafson, President — G-Force Consulting
January 26, 2016

The term “margin” evokes a visceral response within manufacturing executives. Profit margins can make or break companies. Margins are key deliverables, yet sometimes managed as haphazardly as the break room coffee and as well understood as a Higgs Boson. “We’ve got to improve our margins” is... Read more »

It’s showtime! Success requires preparation

Bruce Marcia, Director — Bruce Marcia and Associates
January 21, 2016

It’s the start of a new year which means its show season. National motorcycle shows are rolling across the continent while RV and Marine shows are just getting started and regional sports & leisure shows will be starting in the next 60-90 days. The show season is important because it’s not only... Read more »

From the service desk: Yakety Yak

Jackson Smith, Parts and service manager — Destination Powersports
January 20, 2016

Recent studies have shown that the average person speaks around 4,000 words per day. However, numerous tests confirm that we are very inefficient listeners. Studies have shown that immediately after listening to a 10-minute oral presentation, the average listener has heard, understood and retained only... Read more »

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