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Social media 101: Posting jobs & joining groups on LinkedIn

By Amanda White

Amanda White BlogOur last two blog posts have focused on LinkedIn profiles and company pages. The final post in the three-part series will first cover what LinkedIn is most recognized for; job postings. The other half of the post will wrap up with how effective LinkedIn Groups can be for your dealership.


According to an infographic by Inc., 65 percent of job-seekers expect to find job postings on LinkedIn. Dealership management and owners should be diving into this large pool of potential candidates. Via LinkedIn, you have the ability to cast a wider net with your job postings. If you are actively seeking the most qualified and professional staff to come work for your dealership, then you need to use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s job posting is not a free service. The price per posting is determined by geographical location (zip code). All job posts target a specific audience via their extensive search features and filtering out of unqualified candidates. If you are posting multiple jobs in a couple dealership locations, then it will be in your best interest to purchase job credits, which is buying a bulk of credits at budget prices. Additionally, you can upgrade to LinkedIn’s Premium recruiter accounts, like Recruiter Lite, with additional filters, alerts and InMail messages for connecting with prospects. Lastly, you can pay-per-click with sponsored LinkedIn job postings so they appear on sidebars and emails.


LinkedIn’s job posting tool is easy to use! You should keep these elements in mind when filling out the job posting form:

  • INCLUDE dealership name, website URL and job description i.e. In need of a full-time service technician for ALL powersports vehicles – ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, scooters and watercraft.
  • EXPAND on desired skills, expertise, experience, certifications and education sections — outline exactly what the ideal candidate should have in order to be qualified for the position.
  • DIRECT them to email or go to your website to fill out the employment application.

Another way to find potential candidates is to browse LinkedIn’s groups. You can find these groups by typing in “dealership service” in the search bar at the top. Via LinkedIn Groups you can connect with like-minded individuals that may be in the market for the job you are offering. According to a LinkedIn blog, there are over 2,000 groups dedicated to small business related topics.


LinkedIn Groups are digital spaces to connect with like-minded professional with the same issues, passions and interests. You can use groups to learn more about the industry, find jobs and job seekers and network. You can also create and manage your own group!


You should find a group to join. Some groups are exclusive, requiring permission to join. You'll have no problem being accepted if your updated profile reflects similar interests. Why should you and your dealership staff join groups? Through groups, you connect and communicate relevant information, share links to new and interesting content on your dealership’s website, start a discussion about an event you hosted at your dealership and have access to group members actively seeking employment.

Start your own group. You will get to do all the things a group member can do while building your own reputation. As a group leader, you increase your credibility via sharing knowledge, articles, guides and blog posts with other members through discussions and/or sending out weekly messages. Additionally, you can advertise your website via the group page and add a link to the group profile sections.

LinkedIn was built on the ability to connect professionals with qualified candidates. It continues to do so, not only with great filters and post tactics, but through facilitating a network through groups. Joining and facilitating groups will increase valuable connections by bringing you and your staff closer to consumers, future employees and other industry professionals.

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