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To succeed on Craigslist, consider these vital steps

Laura Reinders, Marketing Manager — PowerSports Network & Traffic Log Pro
April 23, 2013
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Laura Reinders Blog 1-13In the days leading up to spring and summer riding season, some very important changes occurred that you might have missed — changes that could impact your pre-owned unit sales this riding season.

Recently, Craigslist has made some significant changes regarding what they consider acceptable ad content and posting thresholds that could impact powersports dealers. Craigslist will “flag-down” any ad they feel is not fully compliant towards their Terms of Usage, such as ads with repetitive content, over-posted units, embedded images, ads that are posted too fast or posted to multiple markets with singular Craigslist accounts. PowerSports Network and our partnering Craigslist tool provider have worked to identify what these changes mean to dealers and how dealerships should best proceed with these changes.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Post one new ad per 15 minutes. (You may still renew multiple listings.)
  • Do not post to multiple markets using a single Craigslist account.
  • Refrain from ad content with embedded images. Craigslist prefers ad content to be more text-based.
  • On elevated issues where the above has no desired effect, it is sometimes necessary to utilize a new Craigslist account.

Laura Reinders is the marketing manager for PowerSports Network and Traffic Log Pro.




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  1. Robert B on April 26th, 2013 8:53 pm

    Great and I just signed a dealer for this service ..:)


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