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I’m ready to start mobile marketing! Now what?

By Ron Cariker

One of the first questions asked when a dealer starts to implement a mobile strategy is “How do I get the word out to my customers to join?” Building your mobile database can seem daunting and slow going but it’s not as complicated as it may seem. And you may already be further along than you even realize. A good ...

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Google’s SERP changes bring more competition

By Kim Rocco

If you’ve searched for something on Google recently, you may have noticed that the right side of the search engine results page (SERP) looks a little like a typical Midwestern winter — white. That’s because Google has made a major change to the display of paid ads on their search engine results pages by removing ads from the right side. ...

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Embracing the digital path to purchase

By Colleen Malloy

How do your customers shop? Chances are their shopping behaviors have evolved a lot in the last 20 years. Instead of flipping through the phone book to find your number, today’s shoppers are using the Internet to thoroughly research products, check out reviews, browse social media, look at third-party sales sites and more to make buying decisions and find a ...

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Three non-traditional ways to acquire inventory

By Jim Jabaay

Are you tired of the traditional approaches to acquiring inventory? I know that auctions require sending a professional to weed out the junk cars in high-pressure situations, and trade-ins don’t guarantee the inventory you need. There are 3 other easily accessible options that might surprise you, and then make you wonder why you never thought of them before. I am ...

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Two F-words

By Chris Clovis

Developing a successful team is akin to raising a family. Both require limitless patience, dedication and vision. We want those in our care to grow, spread their wings and soar into the horizon. Yet, for all the talk of kids ‘finding their own path’; we all have clear and specific goals for their future: college, marriage, family, prestigious white-collar job, ...

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Q1 is shaping up nicely!

By Glenice Wilder

As we near the end of Q1, the powersports market is experiencing some encouraging positives. This is well-deserved good news after the past few years of only moderate growth, compared to the retail automotive sector. Pre-owned motorcycle inventories are growing, and lenders are investigating powersports financing options. While these signals point to a positive year, this is not the time ...

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What is your dealership known for?

By Liz Keener

I finally did it. I bought my first less-than-5-years-old, financed car last week! So now that I’ve gone through the entire shopping, buying and F&I experience, I’ll probably be writing about the process for the next few months, but the first topic I want to address is dealership reputation. As I started telling people about my car, of course one ...

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Why you shouldn’t subsidize your sales department

By Bruce Marcia

My blog article for this month was supposed to be about determining if your dealership was better off having an F&I manager or using a broker. I’ve witnessed smaller dealerships who can’t be bothered with F&I at all or don’t do enough business to justify or keep a solid F&I Manager. I’ve also witnessed larger dealerships switch to using a ...

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To train, or not to train, that is the question

By Jackson Smith

The title of this month’s blog is an obvious play on the famous opening line of William Shakespeare’s play "Hamlet," in which Prince Hamlet is contemplating suicide. Although that may seem a bit dramatic for a powersports dealership, that fact is, not training may equate to committing business suicide. Most businesses understand the need for some basic product and procedural ...

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Happy Valentine’s Day to: My business

By Napoleon Tetreault

Valentine's Day is still visible in the rear view mirror and the emotion most associated with it is love. This holiday asks us to take some time out of our busy schedules to celebrate our love with those most important to us. What about our business? There is no doubt we are in an emotionally driven business. Our customers keep ...

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