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An innovative dealer marketing approach

Nel PascaleBy receiving a steady stream of dealership e-blasts, it’s relatively easy to identify new or clever marketing tools that stores are using nationwide.

Here’s one of my favorite marketing approaches that I’ve come across lately: a helmet trade-in program. Pro Italia, a Los Angeles-area dealership carrying European brands, advertised such a program recently in its e-mail blast to its consumers.

The program works like this: “Trade in any motorcycle helmet for a $50-$100 credit toward a new one at Pro Italia.”

Not only does it seem to come at a good time of the year — as some riding seasons are coming to an end — but the e-mail plants some possible reasons for consumers to consider this outside of the possible savings. Like: “If your helmet has taken a fall and you have doubts about any internal damage, this is a great chance to put those fears to rest.” Or: “Likewise if it has been a number of years since you’ve bought a helmet and, perhaps, the internal padding has compressed enough to affect a proper fit.”

The offer also contains a deadline, always an important ingredient in ensuring consumer response.

Anybody ever try this approach at your dealership? If so, what kind of response have you received?

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  1. 2 things.
    This is the first time I have heard of a helmet trade. We have been encouraging dealers to do jacket trades for years.
    Second, and probably goes without saying, but those trade in helmets are a huge liability. Cut them up for demo purposes, especially the high end ones. People can then see the difference.


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