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Why we do…

By Mark Mooney

Mark Mooney Blog"There are two great days in a person’s life — the day we are born and the day we discover why ... " —William Barclay

We all have stories and reasons for why we’re in the motorcycle business. I love hearing them and throwing in a few of my own from time to time. Yes, we have dealerships to run, but it’s pretty cool at times just to remember why we do what we do. Here are a few reasons of my own; some of them may be yours, too.

The excitement of seeing new models that are just so great, you can’t imagine anything better ever coming out. A little one’s first dirt bike and them learning to ride. Standing at the corkscrew at Laguna Seca and watching in awe. Bench racing (we were so fast) with my buddies.

Think of the sunset after a great day of riding where you’ve never been before. Seeing this beautiful country of ours on two wheels. The Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, or more turns than anyone can fathom riding the Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina.

Watching “On Any Sunday” for the millionth time, or remembering just how fast King Kenny Roberts was. Griffith Park, the “Back Side Sliders” and Sundays at the Rock Store in So-Cal. Highway Nine, Alice’s and riding up the California coast, or any road on a summer afternoon. A new motorcycle in the garage and the one I’ve had forever.

Toys for Tots runs at Christmas time and the motorcycle community’s support of “Ride for Kids.” The generosity of dealers for others in need. All the smiles our industry creates because riding is just so much fun that you never want to stop, except for gas.

What road still makes you want to get up at dawn and not get home till dark? Do you remember how great it felt when you got your first bike (CB100, it was so cool) and going down the road feeling like a million bucks? Maybe it was flying so high on your dirt bike, you thought you’d never come down.

As I visit dealerships, I’m continually reminded about what we all love about the industry we’re in. Memories that put smiles on faces should be shared. I’m going to ask you all to share your memories. Leave a comment, post something! Let’s share with others why we do what we do in the best industry on the planet! I’ll be watching, and so will your buddies.

Have a great May everybody...MM

Mark Mooney is the principal of Mark Mooney Powersports Consulting, a Santa Cruz, California, company that works with OEMs and powersports dealers to strengthen dealership performance. Mark is a nationally known speaker and teacher that works with dealers throughout the United States. Mark Mooney Powersports Consulting is “empowering performance and strengthening profitability through practical solutions.”

Email: mooneypowersportsconsulting@gmail.com

Website: www.markmooneypowersportsconsulting.com

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