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Lovin’ the lease!

By Glenice Wilder

The powersports market is lovin’ the lease these days – and for good reason. Several factors have converged to make leasing a motorcycle a great option in 2016. Inventories are high As I’ve mentioned before, motorcycle OEMs are strongly encouraging dealers to sell new bikes and are offering subsidized financing incentives to sweeten the deal. We anticipate these incentives to ...

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Help the industry grow by recruiting powersports customers every day

While listening to Harley-Davidson CEO Matt Levatich talk to Matt Miller of “Bloomberg Markets” last week, something Levatich said really struck me. He was discussing how the industry needs to grow the total number of riders and talking about H-D’s growth in the outreach demographics. “[We’re] speaking to those outreach segments, investing in rider training, as we are with the ...

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When repairs go long — finish strong

By David Koshollek

No racer backs off on the last lap. So, why do we finish weak when repairs go long? It's a common occurrence. When challenged with a tough, recurring problem we often get irritated, lose our cool and start to address the situation poorly. When the going gets tough the best advice is to stay the course, ride the high road ...

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Leadership steers your business in the right direction

By Bruce Marcia

Throughout my careers in wholesale inventory finance and as DSM with a Powersports OEM, I was able to witness firsthand how some businesses continually “Hit it out of the ballpark” with sales, marketing and customer service. At the same time, I encountered businesses that consistently stumbled, not able to understand why business wasn’t improving and looking for reasons to justify ...

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Cleanliness is next to godliness

By Jackson Smith

Successful powersports dealerships do many things to make their businesses attractive to customers. Clever advertising, great product displays and signage to name a few. However one area I see a lot of dealerships overlook is the service department. It seems the service area is not only full of broken motorcycles, it is also a collection space for everything from broken ...

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What is your value proposition?

By Napoleon Tetreault

While we cannot cover this topic depth in this piece we can certainly provoke some thought. Is what you have become aligned with where you want to be? Your value proposition, the reason your customers come to you instead of going elsewhere is crucial to your survival as a business. Is it price? Are you known as the shop that ...

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There’s more to mobile than you realize

By Ron Cariker

One of the biggest objections I hear from dealers, “We don’t want to bother our customers on their phone!”. This is a valid concern and wise to be cautious on any type of communication with a customer or potential customer. But a forward-thinking dealership should recognize those customers that DO want to be contacted on their mobile phone and find ...

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Management update: The art of peaceful management

By Forrest Flinn

Everyday I thank God for the gift of being able to work in an industry that I love and I give thanks often. Sometimes I get so wound up with my day-to-day activities that I get thoroughly stressed and emotionally twisted. I often come across as very “intense” and “hurried.” I get work done but my intensity and stress levels ...

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Get creative with your website’s content to build your online destination

By Colleen Malloy

The text, video and graphic elements that build your online destination (a.k.a. your website) work to share your unique value proposition with shoppers and help boost your SEO value to get more customers clicking through to your virtual doorstep. When someone searches for a new motorcycle, Google wants to show them the results that they’ll find the most helpful. Websites ...

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Tax season offers and how to promote them efficiently

By Jim Jabaay

Tax season is dreaded by many. A single day acts as a looming deadline where we are asked to pay up to Uncle Sam, and that deadline is rapidly approaching. Powersports dealers can have some fun with promotional offers around this day while incentivizing purchases with those refunds or sympathizing with a discount. We have racked our brains for a ...

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